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RADICAL EMBODIMENT – A Movement Immersion

50 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training in

Australia, Byron Shire – July 4th – 11th, 2021 


This training space is a powerful transformative journey drawing on the ancient science of Hatha Yoga, the longevity practices of the Shaolin energetic arts, movement, dance and more. This course is Yoga Alliance certified and counts towards continued education hours with Yoga Alliance International.

A Movement Laboratory

This is a movement laboratory, breaking the box of all dogmatic movement disciplines. It is a sacred container, a hall of mirrors, a zen koan echoing inside oneself. Through the language of the body, and the communication that is revealed through the diversity, subtlety and creativity of movement an opportunity is created to evolve together in community, transcending the known path of movement practice. The vitality is revealed by uncovering one’s patterns and limitations, through the self inquiry embedded within all movement, yoga, dance and stillness.

This is not only for yogis, dancers, fitness freaks… It is for anyone with a body, to bring the depth, ritual and inquiry to every moment… From subtle to strong, from dance to movement riddles, evolving from the map, master teacher, intuitive guide… THE BODY.

This work allows us to meet in a laboratory of exploration. To dream a new dream. To radically look at what it means to embody, to reorganize one’s leadership with fierce vulnerability and to challenge the norm, the comfortable and the politically correct.

Transformative Journey

This training will focus on deep and powerful longevity and immunity practices, creative somatics, movement koans and ritual. It is an intensive process designed to challenge and support one to move through and beyond the constrictions of comfort, habit and falsity.

At the heart of this work, it is a process of shedding, unveiling, releasing and emptying. It is an opportunity to create space for true, authentic expression and embodiment.

An In-Depth Embodiment Training

By creating a direct experience that breaks down limitation, it opens clear understanding of how to nourish longevity and vitality.  This work is designed to deepen personal practice, self inquiry and the meeting with silence. It is a chance to go to the next level of dynamic interaction with one’s relationship to the body and  the commitment to personal evolution.


Key Points of Study


Earth altars by

This training is perfect for embodiment practitioners of all disciplines, aspiring or already certified Yoga Teachers as well as passionate yoga practitioners who want to dive into the depths of deeper embodiment work.

Radical Embodiment is a 50-Hour Yoga Alliance certified training which counts towards continued education hours with Yoga Alliance International.

Accomodation & Food

We will be supported with 3 nourishing organic meals a day, including fresh medicinal herb teas, tonics, fruits and snacks throughout the day.

We incorporate superfoods and herbs and organic vegetarian produce that grow on this land.

Each participant will be lodging in beautiful and comfortable Bell tents spread throughout the land.

Each tent is double occupancy equipped with 2 cosy beds, sweet decor and provides deep connection to this sacred land.

Investment (Food & Tuition w/ accommodation options below)

$999 – Early bird w/ Bell Tent Accomodation:(must be paid in full by September 1st, 2020)

$799 Early bird w/ Private camping, bring your own tent or commute (for locals)
$1199 Standard pricing w/ Bell Tent Accomodation (must be paid in full by October 24th, 2020)

$999 Standard pricing w/ Private camping Bring your own tent or commute

# For the APPLICATION of the SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM (for people with illness & serious financial need) 


# For WORK STUDY PROGRAM – Please write to for more details. 

An AUD$250 deposit is due upon application to the teacher training. The deposit is non-refundable or transferable with your application.

The amounts listed above INCLUDE your $250 deposit.

Contact us for more information or to book your place in any of our workshops.

The 50-Hour Radical Embodiment Training – Course Curriculum includes the following:

  • Organs & Meridian Health – using Shaolin yoga to affect specific organs
  • The Anatomy of Energetic Cultivation
  • Yin and Yang Theory – basic Taoist philosophy and the principles of yin and yang, and how they apply to yoga and movement
  • Philosophy of Yoga into the Fabric Life
  • Keys of the Calligraphy Health System
  • Radical Leadership – the Power of Truth & Vulnerability
  • Sacred Design – the Altar of the Body
  • Movement Koans – Relaxation in Discomfort
  • Conflict – the Art of Relating
  • Invisible Language of the Body – and the Art of Seer-Ship
  • Deep Listening – Architecture of our Inner Territory
  • And much more 😉