Yoga, the Depth of the Path

Beyond Yoga

The Yoga Teacher Training space… We approach Yoga as a means to heal, to explore the inner realms, to center and align…to dive into the corners and pockets of the body that are holding tension, memories, trauma and beliefs. Through the light of awareness, deep conscious breath and the science of the postures, we can use this form to access and explore layers of the pain body…deep stagnant blackness of rage, fear, resentment… tucked away in the hips in the heart, in the womb.

A Life Path

This is the layer of the practice that I am still deeply humbled by… that possibility to excavate layers of beliefs, old and rotten filters of mind, insecurities and limiting definitions of self, and allow the path of yoga to be a life practice of EMPOWERMENT. Every time we step on the mat we are choosing to love ourselves, to create space within and to celebrate BEING in the BODY.

The postures, breath patterns, and meditative approach allows us to know ourselves, to explore the vast space within and to simply MEET it all. When we are willing to meet it, see it, feel it and confront all that we see and experience, then we can allow the stuck energy that was trapped in our cellular memory to rise to the surface and discharge through consciously experienced emotion, insight, or physical sensation.

Through this process of diving deep into the path of yoga we clear, open and create space within…widening the vessel that we are and shedding layers that have inhibited our TRUE energy from burning through us with vitality and potency.

A Call to Rise

In essence the foundation of this work is about emptying, un-doing, simplifying, clearing, allowing, seeing…

It is not about achieving beautiful postures as goals, becoming more “spiritual”, or even attaining more knowledge…It is a journey of self discovery and a powerful call to Rise into our lives with commitment, clarity, conscious choice and action.

When we truly embody the essence of the practice we rest into BEING, present within the

experience of sensation, emotion, thought, and the beauty and intensity of our human-ness.

and from that deep experience maybe we begin to share it and pass on the wisdom of our personal journey. This for me is what it means to “teach”…to share insight, hold space, and guide others to travel into the depths of the body from our unique, authentic passion for the path.



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