Yoga and the Earth Path

Beyond Yoga Earth Ways

Throughout the world, the resurgence and exposure of the wisdom of the indigenous traditions invite us to seek connection and reverence for the natural world, opening to the interconnectedness of all things. The reflection of ancient earth based spirituality awakens the awareness of the power and truth mirrored through the elements. The practice of Ha-tha yoga, which in essence is the union of duality, invites us to explore the depth of these elemental energies through the inward search. Within the profound mapping of the chakra system the layered qualities of earth, water, fire, air, space and light are revealed as teachers and guides. Through the journey of committed yoga practice, one discovers the nature within and the wisdom of the body/ mind/ spirit reveals the balance and harmony which is the natural state of being, and the natural state of existence itself. This deeper connection with ourselves and all that is, allows the daily practice of yoga to extend into a deep living prayer for the earth.

At this moment in time where the shift in consciousness is palpable, there is the opportunity to “remember” the ancient sight…to honor and receive the truth that we are one with the earth spirit (gaia) and that we all arise from and dissolve back into the same source. This is the call now- To heal this earth by honoring the gifts Pachamama so graciously offers to us, and in humility, we offer our willingness to listen, to expand, and to receive the ancient wisdom that is now allowing us to reclaim what it means to be in harmony on all levels of being.

With this awareness, melted within the yogic ways, the path of yoga vibrates as a simplified spiritual path, one that is grounded in being and living this earth walk in harmony and balance with self, all things and nature.

The wisdom teachings of yoga and the energetic expression of the chakra system serves as a blueprint for spiritual evolution. The manifestation of the elements within us guide us to see and navigate through the gifts and challenges of these energies mirrored through the body. Through the sacred path of yoga, and the discovery of the layers of the energetic anatomy as expressed through the chakras, there is a synthesis of the ancient yogic wisdom and the contemporary understanding of the body, emotional and mental systems. With an expanded approach to the path of yoga, working with asana and the reflection of what the earth, water, fire and air have to teach us, opens a portal into a new way of relating with ourselves, and with the world around us.

This widened approach to the practice allows us to embrace the “earth ways” where we have the opportunity to recognize (on a daily basis) the tangible connection that we have to all that is. Not as spiritual idea, but from a grounded sense that there is no separation from the firm stable body of the earth and our own bodies, that the river flowing and coursing with life mirrors the flow of blood and liquids within our own form. The fire that burns and warms radiates from our center as power, vitality and the passion to live, while the pure crystaline prana of air surrounds and flows through us as the breath of life.

Yoga provides the container, a foundation to settle within. Within the structure of this daily discipline, space is created inside and awareness widens. The capacity to feel, sense, receive and appreciate the graceful simplicity breaks through the previous limiting definitions of reality. The daily practice of yoga invites us to rest within a living prayer space…not through the mind, but as an embodiment of prayer, through simply being…being earth, water, fire and air….being the forests and the oceans, the clouds and the rain.

This is the shift…to cultivate a profound awareness of the Source through the recognition of the sacred aspects of life itself mirrored within the simplicity of asana, the mundane moments of stillness, the rise and fall of the breath. Working with the healing path of yoga through commitment and discipline we purify, clear away, and deeply nourish the inner realm, shedding layers of avidya (ignorance), toxic belief systems, and the busyness of mind. As a result the flow of prana moves through us in balance , and when harmony is unveiled within our own body, mind and essence the greater field of collective consciousness receives the blessing of our clarity, purity and alignment.

Like a drop of light shining into the vast darkness, as pure empty vehicles mirroring the width of nature and spirit, we have this possibility, as the new yogis- to be the warriors of the earth, to embrace the call that we are the ones we have been waiting for. Through our personal practice, aligning with truth, harmony, and selflessness we become a vessel, and the small contribution of our own evolution affects the greater whole, supporting the shift in consciousness and thereby healing mother earth with our love.

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