Woman Rising

An Online Mentoring Process with Adya


It is a time of REMEMBERING who we are as Women…as mothers, life-carriers, sisters, lovers, healers, midwives of formation, see-ers, herbalists, peacekeepers and WISE ones…

This process nourishes and reveals the rising empowered voice of woman and the presence we hold through the essence of feminine wisdom. I honor the possibility to rest in our bodies and feel natural and comfortable in our skin, and to share that embodied presence through our being.

Through the fearlessness to meet the shadow layers, the conditioning, the spaces of lies and smallness we confront all that prevents us from standing true in our bodies, as guardians and priestesses. Our leadership, rawness, truthfulness, fierce and tender loving, compassion, and love provides hope and solid ground for the movement forward.

Woman Rising is a compilation of practices, rituals and sacred designs that I have been using for many years to heal, clear, and open a peaceful relationship with my self and life. These designs are derived from various traditions, elders, and contemporary healing modalities.

Through this very personal process, we will establish Intimacy and trust…through true and deep personal support, I will hold space for you to Rise.


The Structure

This 5-6 month process follows a map that draws upon the wisdom of the elements. Through this intention, we reawaken a tangible lived connection to the power of nature.

Each element will be explored for a 2-4 week period, through daily rituals and personal ceremony. I will offer practices and daily rituals, supporting you to connect to the inherent wisdom of your own self and your own body. The commitment to the structure of consistent daily practice cultivates a new relationship with the reflection of nature as a guide and ally for personal evolution.

The themes below will be explored through the daily practices, and yet one will heal through and address the essence of these themes from a space beyond the mind. The exploration of the elemental teachings will arise in ways that are mysterious, giving space for an intuitive and natural individual process of healing and empowerment to unfold.

Elemental Themes


Earth Embodying the feminine

Exploring patterns of belief and the roots of emotional suffering

Redefining “our story,” what is our story?

Ancestral lines and the collective pain body

Reclaiming the simplicity of being ourselves

Body image and relationship with self

Cultivating Safety, Security and Trust


Water – Reclaiming the right to Feel

Moon work-Embracing our moon cycles as times of ceremony and deep healing

Blood offerings and earth prayer

Cutting chords that are drawing energy from our womb

Tracking the inner evolution through our cycle

Sexuality and intimacy with self and other

Cultivating Intuition and Trusting inner knowing

Water ceremonies and rituals


Fire Cultivating Vitality and Radiance

Burning through limitation

Unveiling our gifts and essence

Opening the voice

Merging inner feeling into action

The power of clear vision and self knowledge

Boundaries and claiming space

Being a guardian of the light

Tapping into manifestation


Air The path of spirit

The Art of Trust

Alignment and resting into the gap

Silence and the mystery

Being love

Breath communion

Listening and allowing

The Journey

Contact Points

We will meet every 2 weeks for an hour and a half session through Skype or Facetime.

A total of 10 online sessions, the first session establishes the direction of the process, then 2 sessions for each element, and 1 session to complete and close the journey. I will always write a followup email after each meeting to share and offer more guidelines for the process.

Email contact

I encourage you to stay connected through email at least once a week and share with me as the process unfolds. I will be available to support you as needed.

How Long is the journey?

This process will take between 5-6 months depending on each individual, allowing a deep rearrangement of the inner landscape to unfold and flower.

There is no set beginning or end time, since we work privately we can initiate the process in a time that is right for each individual.

It was an experience of deep connection with the elements and a huge dive into my essence.

There was no space for hiding there, instead, the opportunity to allow my truth and beauty to surface.



The mentorship means for me: Remembering. It helped me to remember who I am, my roots, my true connection with the Earth and God. This connection helped me to reconnect with myself, to believe in myself, to love myself, to be ok with my shadows and brightness.