Woman Rising

Beyond Yoga Embodiment

We are deep in the Yoga teacher training with an intimate circle of women…women from around the world seeking embodiment, opening to healing, awakening a more potent connection to spirit and reclaiming the power of choice.

It is always such a gift to journey within the circle of the Yoga Teacher training, as it is a deep and potent time of transformation for us all…and yet this is the first year that we have had a circle of only women (except for Velan who is holding the masculine flame 🙂

We ascend through the chakra system as a blueprint or map for the work of the training, beginning at the roots and traveling up through the bridge of the body into the sky realms…

We began by working with the power of anchoring, of feeling the body, of being the body, dropping the roots deep into the earth and saying YES, we are here, with feet on the earth, present and open to NOW. We traveled into the realms of the inner landscapes and met the stagnant places, the crevices of dust and mud, we met the sticks and leaves and stones trapped within the rivers of the inner body, we met the rigid branches of thought patterns that are grounded in beliefs and ideas that are not even our own, keeping us locked within stories, frames and boundaries of self.

Inspired… as I witness the willingness, the unwavering presence…the totality in the the longing for freedom, for healing, and for peace.
We witness these women meet the stuck places within their bodies and investigate, what is the source? What is the memory stored there? What is the wound that created the thought that loops me in this suffering? What is the ancestral line that holds me in this circle of fear? of deep pain? Of potent rage?

And yesterday, we began to explore the water…the water of our bodies…the water of emotion, the waves of breath and energy and impulse, sexuality, creativity, intimacy with self…

We dance the water… opening to the let go…dancing that wild power of the ocean, the soft repetition of the river, the kiss of the rain, the stillness of a deep lake. We dance to meet ourselves, again, NOW. What is moving? What is bubbling up from the deep well of our being as we purify and explore the wholeness that we are? We dance the shadow, we dance the light…and then, there is a tangible moment within the space, where it feels as if a deep collective grief reveals itself within the circle…the movement awakening a connection to the pain body of the earth.

And we as a circle grieve…offering our tears, our water, our sharing about the collective memory of all that has been, all that is and all that will be.

Remembering and feeling the pain of WOMAN. The pain of the earth mother…the original mother.

Humbled and struck again by the potency and power of a circle of women, capable of feeling the wholeness of what is and somehow becoming a part of that collective release, through feeling it ALL.
This moment in time as the feminine rises and the voice and action of woman can now make true and deep impact on the flow of reality, we have the choice to claim that power.

True power…not power that dominates over another, but the POWER to transform reality through living in truth, integrity, clarity, vulnerability and forgiveness.

Claiming that power to heal ourselves from the roots up. Honoring how our own personal healing, acceptance, and peace somehow leaps into the collective field and energetically supports the movement towards more balance.

When I feel into this strong moment in time…this intense moment on the planet, it feels deep and clear that the wisdom of woman is rising and that we can support one another to take off the cloaks, to shed the blankets of fear, to be wild, wakeful and ALIVE in the fullness of being. We can support each other through true mirroring, to release the shackles of the past, clearing the anger of what has been and rise into the fierce and loving anticipation of what can be.

Through embodiment, we are here, saying yes to the challenges of reality. We feel, we allow, we acknowledge the depth of life and all that is. How can each of us be of service to this rising force within?
Can we transform the pain into creativity? Into art? Into sacred activism?

We claim the power of choice…the choice to create and co-create reality. With compassion, forgiveness and love. We as a sisterhood and with our brothers and lovers beside us, rise into this new time.



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