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Recently I have been blessed to support a Vision Quest journey, a four day prayer where friends and family go out into the forest and offer their hunger, their thirst and comfort…in surrender to the quest. For these last seven years, once a year, this community of Pacha Mama holds the space for those called to this dry prayer, and as they open to the power and mystery of spirit , inner guidance, and purification we support them through intention, presence, and ceremony. Supporting the questers entails drinking and eating for them and working with the ceremonial space of the sweat lodge to purify and pray. The supporters camp together in the forest, holding the flame of love and presence for the dear friends on the other side of the river, praying for a vision.

I am continually humbled by the force that calls the questers into their journey. Witnessing my beloved ones step into this prayer is a potent reflection of fearlessness, integrity and TRUST.

It has been a powerful time to observe and investigate my relationship to life itself and explore this energy of Trust that seems to be the essence of the call to rise into the fullness of potential.

The layers of mind and the traps of humanness often distract us from the deep and true remembering that when we Trust, when we listen, when we surrender, we are guided, and we are aligned in each and every moment.

Being human is such a raw and vulnerable experience riddled with challenges that we can choose to attach to and suffer from, so how do we widen this capacity to Trust all that we are faced with? How do we stand at the edge of life and truly open to the mystery of the unknown which is actually reflected in every moment?

When I am deep within the illusion that “I” am in control, this light and energy of Trust diminishes and the conditioned and attached mind attempts to control reality…thereby  becoming lost in fear, ideas of limitation, comparison, judgement, and all those layers of mind that are the roots of suffering.

And then, in a moment of grace, as I find my breath, feel my body or when some whisper (or sledgeahammer!) of life calls me back into presence, into restfulness, and into Trust it seems that another dimension of life opens, revealing deep peace, acceptance and excitement to live the mystery…revealing the simplicity of this moment and the willingness to be guided and open to the full spectrum of reality in all it’s creative endless manifestations.

It seems that the energy of Trust allows us to widen out of the small narrow frame of control…out of the known.  It calls us into our wildness…it calls us into our courage to move beyond the frames and boundaries of mind and stand at the edge of the cliff…there we have the possibility to say YES to life. Yes to now. Yes to the power and intensity of living life in totality, in all its beautiful and unique expressions. It asks us to receive and accept the mirror of life with open eyes, with the space inside to ride the waves of reality, knowing somehow deep within that all is well, no matter what we face.

And…this willingness to allow, to be open and to Trust guides us to receive the simplicity as well…the mundane, the boring and the normal…it shows us the power in simply resting into whatever is happening, whether we are in a deep spiritual opening, or an annoying moment of life practicality. The magic of trust anchored through presence and weaved within the daily flow, allows the movement of life to reflect deep teachings, moment by moment. Eyes open and clear, we may receive endless insight about how to flow with more harmony through this wild dance of life.

When I witness my beloved and my community walking out into the forest for their quest I am deeply humbled by this powerful mirror, this deep reflection of Trust . Something calls them there…something guides their steps and their intention…and yet they walk into the unknown, raw and exposed. The teachings of the Vision quest, the beauty and depth, the solidarity of family, the willingness to meet the edges within, continues to reveal the layers of this precious gift of life…the power and the fragility of this human spirit walk.



Art by Laly Millie

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