The Mirror of Life

Embodiment Sacred Activism

As the new year approaches I find myself reflective, observing the shifts within and the shifts of the planet. A fresh energy is slowly and gently making itself known…still mysterious…like a kiss of the wind. Formless, spontaneous, and uncontainable. With my own life and with so many friends and fellow travelers that I have come close to, it feels that we are standing at the threshold of a new time…a new way of relating with ourselves, with one another, with the earth and with how we choose to share and express our inner reality. It is clear that if we choose, each experience, interaction AND the external global reality can be a guide…calling us back to the essence, and supporting us to ground in the simplicity and the beauty that IS.

There are challenges that we face, day to day, moment by moment. Our awareness is constantly facing the bombardment of stimulus, and with that we become distracted, disconnected, fragmented, confused…lost within the stories of the mind and the stories of others. In our core, we are vulnerable and sensitive deep creatures that have had to put on endless cloaks and put up countless veils to protect the fragility of our precious hearts. In this chaotic world, it takes extreme willingness, intention and trust to cultivate the movement inward and to rest.

In this potent time, many of us ARE choosing to break through the chains of the mind and release the chord of attachment to the distracting energies. Slowly as a collective underground movement, we are coming back home to ourselves, knowing ourselves, loving ourselves. We are learning to anchor spirituality into the very fabric of life. Grounding our spiritual practice into  the simplicity of how we walk on the earth, how we treat one another and how we nourish and honor our bodies with kindness and respect. Gratefully, the mirror of life is slowly guiding us collectively and individually to refine and expand, to release and evolve.

In this great mystery of spiritual evolution, we are constantly being guided to grow into our potential, through the reflection of life. Some of the more intense experiences that we face are laced with the qualities of INITIATION, burning away those veils we have gathered and identified with and leaving us exposed, naked and standing at the door of the unknown. These challenges we face, such as heartbreak, rejection, confusion, alienation, illness and so on are some ways that life calls us to rise into a higher frequency of being…presenting us with a door, initiating us, calling us to embody a more refined way of living our life…in our actions, our choices, our communication.

And of course, in our human-ness forgetfulness does happen…and possibly we meet those challenges with reaction, blame, fear, and judgement…collapsing into the old patterns of being. And yet as we cultivate that deep intimacy with self and the willingness to rest at home, maybe we can see where that reaction arose from and why? Maybe we can bow to that moment of forgetfulness as a sacred sign post to help us remember…to help us see… and from there we can make a new choice. From there we can allow the fire of initiation to burn away the OLD way of being that is wrapped in fear, attachment and pride.

This is a potent piece… the external reflection of life itself is our greatest teacher, a guide, a wondrous master…whether it be through relationship, parenting, or politics …It allows us to see…are we in forgetfulness and lost in the feeling of separation? Are we feeding a story or  believing that we are a victim? Or are we able to drop into the simplicity, draw the attention inward, find our breath, collect the awareness and cross through unconscious reaction or fear into a response that is embodied, empowered, and vibrating truth and clarity?

Imagine if even half of the people on the planet shifted out of fragmentation and chose to rest into a sense of embodied BEING. Imagine if we as a collective chose to truly learn from one another and the reflection of life, allowing it to carve us slowly and with power into the masterpiece that we are meant to be…



Art by Ciruelo Cabral

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