The Black Snake of Transformation

Sacred Activism

The fire of this time is blazing through the collective awareness, and in moments, scorching the seeds of hope.  As flames dance and surround us, the mind screams in confusion… layers of anger, disbelief, rage, and simply the question rises, how did we get here?

Some friends have shared their sense of hopelessness, despair, and a feeling of collapse beneath the pain of what is happening. Especially for women, the situation in the US with the election, the threat on the sacred waters of standing rock and the continual widespread degradation of the earth, for some, has activated the collective pain body.

It has been a time of intense exposure of the extreme conditions that are prevalent in society today. Conditions that allow the dominant masculine energy to rise in power with greed, blatant ignorance, downright lies, and potent disrespect for people and the earth.

Yes it is important to grieve, to feel and to honor the inner experience, and yet

many of us are already feeling the powerful impact this dark night has already had.

There is a new level of wakefulness, passion, and empowerment that has been triggered by the bleak reflection of the outside reality. This confronting time invigorates the inner call to align, to trust, and to choose the wider span instead of collapsing beneath the oppressive sense of defeat and fear. The black snake of greed has penetrated the masses, and yet the majesty of the snake is a powerful symbol of deep transformation.

We have the challenge now to choose open-ness within, heart centered awareness and TRUST. Let us not follow and feed the waves of fear that rise within us…but acknowledge that somehow this planetary upheaval may finally give birth to a new time. There is a widening circle of those aligned with truth, with clarity and luminosity, and we are growing in strength, growing in the possibility to organize a peaceful movement, growing into our voices, and anchoring what we believe into our actions and our choices, so that everything we do and engage with reflects that call for transparency and trust in the master plan.

As women, the carriers of the water…the sacred waters of life within our womb, we are being called now to stand in firmness and clarity within ourselves. As we face all that is happening, can we stand tall and clear within our hearts? Not dwelling on the ugliness and greed, and the thousands of years of disempowerment of women, but instead can we connect to the wide and potent movement of people…brothers and sisters that are standing together for basic human rights and peace? Can we offer the core of Feminine wisdom into the collective confusion as we embody receptivity, patience, compassion and TRUST?

As we release the fear and anger from our hearts, we create space to listen, to connect and to be guided…so that we can hear the whisper in the wind that is calling each of us to become a part of the solution.

Calling each of us to offer our gifts, our love and our sight about how to move forward in a new way.



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