Seeds of Possibility – In The Fertile Ground of Challenge

Beyond Yoga

Life is calling you

Initiating you

Decomposing that which no longer serves

Giving you the teachings needed to rise

Maybe not in the way that is expected

But perfectly and divinely ordered

Are you listening?

A constant call to be here and NOW

Having the courage, to not take it personally

But to stay centered within your own knowing

Trusting in the master plan

Not the master plan of the mind

But that which is being paved for the higher good

Trust is important in these times.

How to meet the chaotic waters of the outer reality. Go inward.

It appears that as the intensity of life swirls and the duality of the mind and reality intensifies we must create space to take refuge within the temple of our own body. To drop into the deep center of trust. Not some idea of trust, or positive thinking or a spiritual idea…but Embodiment, breathing and moving with awareness to anchor the attention and collect the fragmented aspects of self.

In these times of confusion, uncertainty and intensity can we see beyond the personal reality of the filter of the mind? As we begin to come into contact with our center and breathing life through our mid line, we can observe where we take life personally, where we take someones else’s opinion and how we let it spiral into our own consciousness, taking us away from our center and our own rhythm.

Deep layers of the belly

Can we rest in our center and allow the layers of trauma, stress, and fear that we have accumulated from an often unforgiving world, to release. Starting in the deep layers of the belly, where we hold some much, and within the safety of our own breath and space, we begin the journey of reopening this powerful energy center. Taking this simple but deeply layered work off the mat and into life. Observing where we hold our belly, where we breathe shallow and instead of contracting in challenging situations, can we open and relax the belly?

The Origin

Rearranging our perception, we can learn to move from this space, to shift from physical movements, but drop into the origin or movement, to move from that space of immense and instinctual wisdom. Vitality awakens from this center. Our ability to digest life through our gut, to transform intensity through this endless source of energy. How do we stand relaxed and tuned to the moment? It is a daily work… actually once we finish and close our daily practice we are actually opening it, as we find the courage to walk with these tools in our life. Wide listening and awareness, relaxed belly and connection to our breath.

Simple, yet within the simplicity of the body is a whole universe of wisdom and teachings.


It is a time where we must take these tools off the mat,

To take a warrior pose off the mat, to see where we need to duck, avoid, bend around judgement or others opinion. To learn to sharpen the awareness so we can see ourselves more clearly.

To breathe more deeply the breath of life, giving us courage to walk into the unknown with trust.

To observe the ability to let go in a forward fold directly correlates to how much we are willing to let go and surrender to life.

To observe the quality of stability and balance that we witness in the feet and how this reflects how grounded we are, and our connection to the earth.

We are in intense times. However within all the challenges there are the seeds of possibility for immense and accelerated evolution.


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