Sacred Rites- A Time of Initiation

Sacred Activism


Leaving our baby girl with the grandparents for the first time…we travel towards the Blue mountains outside of Sydney for our SACRED RITES gathering…We are gathering in community to share, to pray, to meet the edges of ourselves and the teachings of the elements, anchoring our commitment into the earth.

As we arrive, the land is cold and raw, the wind strong and I can sense that it is a time of initiation for us all. We slowly set the space, clear the field, and pour our love into the land, and slowly the circle arrives. We are humbled and honored to open the journey with such beautiful people. The circle is wise and deep and from the first moment it is clear that this circle, as a whole energy carries a profound medicine for us all.

Elemental wisdom

We explore the elements, holding rituals and sacred containers to meet the depth of what these energies are teaching. The simplicity of the sacred designs allow us to explore true meetings with the Earth,Water, Fire and Air.

We meet the Earth…the women gather and co-create a giant earth altar. The wind is strong and the cold is biting, but we move in silence, collecting flowers, stones, bark, seeds, leaves, and sticks from the earth. Occasionally a voice drops into song and a few voices join in, a gentle melody, singing for the earth mother.

Later after a profound group Earth Ritual. We each step forward in front of the altar and offer a sacred totem, a flower, some tobacco, sage and other precious objects into a large hole that sits in front of the massive co-creation, an OFFERING to the Earth.

We pray over the Water…the spring water that was collected from our land and brought to share in the gathering. Speaking to the water…sharing our LOVE our commitment and the glimmer of pain rises as we feel into the spirit of the water and the intensity of reality. But somehow these moments of collective intention, honoring the water, thanking the water, a seed of hope is nourished and we tap into the underground movement of those standing for what is right.

We light the Fire…that will burn all weekend, holding the space for our transformation, our clearing, PURIFICATION. Outside the circle of stones that holds the fire, my dear sister has created a risen form of earth, a snake decorated with stones and seeds, wrapping around a full moon, where deer antlers rest. We sing to the fire, we offer native tobacco and dried herbs that grow on our land, lemon myrtle, bay, and bright pink azaleas dried by the sunlight. The fire dances in the wind and the embers begin to shine bright and strong.

We breathe in the fresh morning Air…standing firm upon the earth, facing the sun as it rises over the mountain, and shines through the tall dancing tress. The wind whips and curls and swirls around us…The planet breath reflects this vibrant formless life force of Air. We explore movement, ancient shapes of the Shaolin Arts to awaken the body, to greet the day. We breathe in this life-force aligned with the movement, receiving VITALITY and wakefulness as the spirit of the wind dances through and around us.

We Remember

The sacred designs, shared by our elders of various traditions have opened a doorway to establish a true and meaningful connection to the wisdom of nature. This SACRED RITES gathering touched us all deeply, as the simplicity of earth based ritual held us, and led us into a state of REMEMBERING, ALIGNING, and resting into the warmth, strength and sweetness of COMMUNITY.

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