Sacred Activism disguised as Yoga

Beyond Yoga

Mystery of the Body

As we dive into the 3rd week of the yoga teacher training, we observe the mystery of the body and its power to affect the physiology, chemistry and subtle energetic aspects of the people. All of a sudden the skin of the participants becomes more radiant, the bodies sit in space with more relaxation and ease and the structure of the faces seem to change.
This is not any Yoga Teacher Training, first and foremost it is a training of transformation and coming into unique expression and an empowered voice.  


Breaking out of the box

So this process is not easy, to really peel back the layers of who we think we are and open to the unknown journey of the unfolding, shapeshifting, ever changing self. Breaking out of the box of the mat and into the principle that yoga is a way of life, not some postures that we achieve. It is an embodied union, the ability to rest, a centering force within the fragmenting, chaotic outer world, opening the possibility to adapt, bend and transform no matter what the outer reflection reveals.
Sacred Activism
The training is sacred activism disguised as yoga. It is a moment to nourish, clean, revitalise our inner waters, and elements. So that we may see but more importantly feel and embody the notion that WE ARE THE EARTH, all the elements that are outside are also inside of us. So as we clean, nourish our inner territories and landscapes we honor the importance of protecting and cleaning our great mother lands. We know beyond the realms of the mind that we are all related and we are all in this together, but it starts one foot step at a time with our own bodies. The sacred action is the peace we feel within ourselves and one kind act that lights one heart. But the subtle wind of that act helps thousands to spark new light. Like the butterfly that flaps its wings Australia and causes a hurricane in Africa.


Discipline, Firmness and Awareness

This time on the planet is calling for deep discipline, firmness and awareness in a dynamic synergy. We must show up everyday on the mat or within the container of a personal practise. So we can learn how to navigate, transform and accept the constantly changing inner skies. Relaxation, flow and sweetness of the centre is EARNED, we have to show up and meet the moment.

Why did Yoga spread like wild fire in the West? Because there is so much fragmentation, suffering and loss of connection to nature. That possibility to be held in a container of silence, rewires the feeling of connection, plugs us into the abundant field of our inner ecology, and helps to empty and move the energetic load that we are carrying.

The work of yoga can be witnessed over these 30 days as a slow unravelling of belief systems, a slow discovery of true power, a meeting with deep vulnerability, redefining our choices, reclaiming our voice, and widening to receive the guidance of the great mystery.

Together we create a safe container to truly let go of all the masks that we carry that keep us separate, revealing the beauty and purity of the sensitive and yet strong spirits that shine through the cloth of the skin.


Join us for the next 200 Hour YTT Costa Rica



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