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We are still integrating the Dual Dance, an incredible 4 day journey of prayer, celebration, elder wisdom and deep community togetherness.
The moon dance circle that we have been a part of was birthed 10 years ago, initiated by several Abuelas (grandmothers) of the Mishika tradition of Mexico. Moon dance circles are opening and spreading around the globe and the sisterhood of moon dancers weave a magical mystical web of remembering and healing for this planet. This Womens’ prayer of the moon work altered my life path and enriched my connection with the natural world and the power of the feminine. The Moondance triggered a deep and long process of transformation within my life that uprooted old wounding and allowed me to confront and heal the sense of a collective pain body of woman, of this life and beyond this life. Within this moon circle I found my voice, I found my trust in the elements and the great mystery…and I found a deep line of connection with the ancestors, healing the threads of pain and violence that still whispered in the wind. I received a new sense of wholeness and empowerment from this work that fueled the next cycle of my life.

The Dual Dance- Healing the Masculine and Feminine

By the guidance of the Abuela’s, a new moon circle was created here in our community Pachamama, that does not exist anywhere in the world. It was a new vision, to include the men within this women’s work, and now the village has danced the DUAL DANCE of the moon work, men and women side by side for the past 7 years. In this ceremony we work with the Temescal (sweatlodge), the medicine of Copal (tree resin which burns for purification and healing), the Chanupa (sacred pipe), Tobacco and dancing under the moon, offering our sleep for 4 nights of prayer. The ceremony guides us into unspeakable experiences of the great mystery as we tap into the dream lines, the voices of the ancestors, the spirits of the land, the deep shadow places of our own inner realm…healing, seeing and clearing that which is no longer in alignment.

It is a very different experience to dance in the Dual dance, with my beloved partner by my side and our 2 girls dancing with us. I am in awe of how rich the scene is, with the firelight splashing off the faces of the dancers, the powerful beat of the drum and the choir of voices that leads the dance. I feel how deeply this moon work is seeding a profound healing prayer for the masculine and feminine. It is a ceremony that honors the duality of partnership and celebrates the power and beauty of each aspect of creation. Here as Woman in her exalted power under the moon embodying the energy of receptivity and water, the men dance with us, tapping into their own divine feminine. Together we sing to great spirit, to the earth, the sun, the moon, the fire the wind and we dance the balancing force of the masculine and feminine.

We Are All Related

This work initiates us, every time into a new level of RISING. We face our limitations, the edges of tiredness, and layers of mind and the container of the ceremony guides us to break through the walls of self and expand beyond the limiting definitions of who we think we are.
We are bathed in moonlight and melt into the earth, we commune with the stars, we sing and dance as one voice in the darkness of the night, offering our prayer to the moon and the creator itself.

I feel so Grateful to share this sacred work with my partner and our daughters, held within this precious forest of our community. And again I have hope. Hope that the ancient ripple of this work is slowly permeating the ignorance. The grandmothers share with us, that we must dance, we must sing, we must pray and share these sacred designs NOW. This underground movement is building and rising and I feel blessed to be a part of this grand and beautiful new vision of harmony.

Remembering a natural way of being together as a Family. Remembering that we are all Related.


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