Mentorship 2016 – Reflections of the Inner Circle

Earth Ways Sacred Activism

Witnessing a 4 month process of flowering…

Opening circle…We gather. 

This unique group of people come together for the first time. We sit in circle, washed by the afternoon sunlight. In silence. Arriving. Landing into this moment. Each one shares…what drew them to this space? What is moving in their life? What are they calling in? What are they clearing? There is depth, there are tears, there is shyness and curiosity. There is longing for alignment, for finding authentic voice, for healing, for wholeness and peace. We walk out to the earth alter and light the fire. We all witness the fire grow in strength and power. And then, in our own time, we each take a handful of garden grown tabacco and dried herbs. One by one, we speak our prayer out loud, to the fire, to the circle. We share our intention, our commitment to this 4 month journey and offer the plants to the fire, to elevate the prayer.

Several weeks later, a one on one meeting…

I see subtle layers of protection fall away, a crease in the brow less deep…a gesture with the hand more soft, gentle. Layers falling back revealing a glimmer, the core of beauty, that which resides deep within the center of the human cloak. My heart is touched by the tales of the past, the journeys walked, the heartaches, heart breaks, the wounding, the pain, the regrets…and there amidst the stories, amidst the human-ness, woven within the layers of confusion and forgetfulness, is that deep longing…FOR TRUTH, for freedom, for peace. The search for the SOUL LIGHT shine and the willingness to carve into the stone of conditioning in order to unleash the precious simplicity of being….The eyes shine with truth and light as I witness tears fall, pooling on the floor…washing away a dusty corner inside…revealing new sight…SEEING the pieces that were preventing wholeness, restfulness and trust. Eyes meet and there is silence, melting…where the edges of separation fade and there in only presence, seeing and being seen.

A weekend gathering…the fire of empowerment.

I witness the space, smoke curls through the wide open vast room, black curtains, black floor, a single window allows the sunlight to cast it’s warmth into the center of our circle. A movement ritual begins…drum beat…each one dancing the prayer for this next cycle. Solo. Dancing empowerment, embodiment, trust, wildness, vulnerability, sensuality. Dancing to be free.

To call in the new moment.

Praying with the body, with the breath. Taking that leap and being witnessed in this sacred space. The safety of the group, holding presence and support for each one to rise in their power. One vibrates with electricity, stamping the force of the heavens into the earth. One moves like water, flowing as a river then rising into a raging sea, then settling into stillness with hand on heart. One drops to the earth, in deep truth, meeting the vulnerability of being witnessed, and then allows something deeper to move her. Authentic. Real. Alive. Raw.

Several weeks later…

on the land, we walk up the mountain…crunching leaves beneath the feet, deep breath, kookaburras, wind dancing through the trees…and at the top, we scatter. Finding space to drop within. I sense each one in their corner…feeling, observing, listening, integrating. We explore the Mystery. I hear the sound of gentle crying, deep healing. I see another laying upon the earth, in total surrender, and I feel this circle as family. Travelling together into corners, into the width…into layers of mind and breaking free into the call of spirit. The power of the circle, holding each one. Holding me. Learning, sharing, teaching, listening all melts together. We co-create this flow, this collective growth, this expansion into a new paradigm of rising together.

This journey of 4 months has revealed rich layers of the human experience, celebrated through this intimacy. Honored through ritual, through healing, through sharing. We have lived our prayer together. We have found space to listen more.
To feel more.

As a circle we have offered the preciousness of our love, kindness, clarity and trust into the grand circle…In this time of great change, we as a circle have chosen to take responsibility for our own life walk, and continue to choose to be a part of the solution…with each step we take.

What is the Sacred Seed Mentorship?

The Sacred Seed Mentorship is a 3 month journey of Earth based spirituality with Adya, Velan and the power of community. It is a dynamic, real and truthful experience that crystallizes the process of healing, transformation, empowerment and reveals the mystery that weaves them together.

This mentorship training is a potent synthesis, deeply grounded in powerful traditions and lineages, shared with deep respect and reverence for the ancient teachings and elders that we are blessed to receive from. From the foundation of silence and stillness we will embrace the ceremonial ways of life.

Click here to learn more about Sacred Seed Mentorship 2017 and download the syllabus.
Adya x

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