Kuauhtli Interviewed – by Tristan Bray

Earth Ways

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“Please enjoy this interview as Kuauhtli shares more of his in-depth experience on how working with Peyote helps people transcend spiritual and healing blockages in any aspect of their lives. He goes on to share what is unfolding in a new remarkable connection with native Aboriginal people of Australia through ceremony and prayer.

Kuauhtli has been sharing the transmission of his people through decades of global travel. He artfully articulates the Nahuatl language of the Mexica into Spanish and English, as he journeys through diverse communities as a porter of the ancient and traditional Peyote medicine. He shrugs off the much deserved title of Shaman or teacher and simply calls him self a sharer or porter.

Through his profound experience traveling through greater America, he carries the wisdom of elders from many, many American first nations. He is truly a master of his chosen path and has worked with Peyote for over 40 years.”


Tristan Bray


Enjoy 🙂

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