Embodying the snake eating its own tail – Inspired by the 5 Rhythms

Personal Evolution

Photography by Mark Laita

Creating new neural pathway and breaking down trauma

This writing was inspired by a workshop that I was blessed to weave with, that my beloved friends Kate Shela and Amber Ryan just held. Their work is powerful.

The 5 Rhythms dance map is a scaffold for understanding the self. It creates a field for raw and truthful dance, a dance that is a disguise for much deeper exploration. 5 Rhythms dance is a mirror for the way we walk our life outside of the dance floor. Each new angle, new movement, combination of movements, internal spirals, subtle energetic flows are creating the possibility to heal. Not with a direct intention and purpose to heal something specific, but from a curiosity to explore, listen deeply and follow the innate intelligence of this body. The dance guides us to meet and move the places of tension patterned into our body by situations where we had to freeze, stop breathing, protect ourselves from physical, sexual, emotional, verbal or energetic attacks. Underneath the amour and the masks that we wear we are such sensitive beings…and slowly as we begin the movement and open to the dance we begin to unravel… we begin a journey of unburdening ourselves from the trauma and the past experiences, stored within the vessel of this body.


Kaleidoscope of my being

Every movement and every shape is an expression of the kaleidoscope of my being, from the raw, to the shadowed, to the sexual, to the ecstatic, to the fractured and all colors in-between. As the movement deepens, the need to abide by social contracts and norms begins falling away as the fullness of this human experience has space to surface. Movement can be like surgery releasing the trauma that has locked itself within the cells of our body.


RE-MEMBERING ourself and Somatic Intelligence

Like walking minds, we forgot this vessel of the body and the somatic intelligence it has to RE-MEMBER itself, to unravel old wounds, to call our spirit home. Within the field of the 5 rhythms space no words are needed. Yet within the dynamic movement awareness is the possibility for deepened perception, x-ray vision and instinctual intelligence. It awakens inner receptors that open us to receive information. As we journey from our heads down into our womb and intuitive centre, we open to receive information from the non linear realms of the body. An instinct, a flow of the body, an inner reaction – that is outside the normal framework of “right or wrong” – the mind is no longer in control, something lower to the ground, something primal, instinctual, something ancient is taking over.

Can we let go into the wild, chaotic states of trance? Can we trust that an energy is passing through us rewiring, re-membering and realigning? This work calls and allows a dynamic light of consciousness to emanate into our cells, our blood, bones, genitals and guts. A calling echoing inside us to drop the mind, our beliefs, and the grip on a certain masks or persona’s we are attached to.


The embodiment of the snake eating its own tail

As we dance we move into the landscape of transformation with the understanding that we are entering a cyclical journey from dust to dust.

In the release of needing to become someone, needing to maintain a specific mask or role, in a moment of letting go, immense beauty and truth descends like the Sun illuminating a landscape.

A deep let go of the linear and a possibility to know that we will journey from the heights to the valleys and the only piece that will remain unchanged is the silent presence underneath all movement. Honoring where we are in this moment of imperfect, perfection, can we let go of attachment to all the points along the cycle? Can we embrace the concept that we are the embodiment of the snake eating its own tail? Like the Tibetan monks who sweep away intricate sand mandalas in one sweep, we are learning to walk forward with trust and non attachment. Looking to see what the outer circumstances are initiating internally for our spiritual evolution.


The path of personal evolution

The path of personal evolution and transformation requires the innate capability to shape shift in and out of different situations and circumstances, while remaining unattached and aware of our centre…shape-shifting through different emotions, personalities, masks and experiences that life throws at us.

To support your evolution in being part of the solution enrolments have opened for Mentorship 2017.

Life is transformation and change from the heights of expansion and connection to the mundane act of washing the dishes…and in each expression we have the opportunity to stay present. We have the possibility to stay engaged in the Now, engaged with what is in front of our nose. So in each moment of life we are metaphorically walking on a circular mandala, walking on the snake eating its own tail. Not worried in which location we are within the cycle, but knowing that the cycle of transformation is repeating itself infinitely. All we need to do is breathe, receive and stay here, NOW.

Much love
Velan x



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