Embodiment- A Warrior Path



Coming home to myself, I sit upon the mat…with my cup of tea close by, and the cool morning breeze kisses my skin, saying “yes, here you are! Feel this beauty! The simplicity of the wind and the birdsong!” And I take in a deep breath and finally stop, again.

The choice to step inside ourselves and create the space for this deep inner meeting of daily yoga or movement practice is for many an illusive mountain to climb, and some find it deeply challenging to simply arrive on the mat.

Once we are there, there is the possibility to dive into a vast space of listening and flow, curiosity and exploration, and to allow the body to guide the rhythm and expression of the practice. This is one of the beautiful things about having a consistent practice. Through that consistency we fine tune the sensitivity and willingness to trust the body and allow the process of opening to unfold from a place beyond the mind, un-doing.

And in the that unfolding, the healing begins. The path of embodiment and cultivating the discipline and commitment to drop inside each and everyday is a warrior path. As we come inside, we have the opportunity to drop the masks, to face the falseness, to breathe into life and see ourselves, and to FEEL all that we try so hard to stuff down and avoid.

But the consistency of going in and working with the container of daily yoga or movement practice unleashes the pent up energy and allows us to clean, purify, and open to a widened perception and a deepening space of trust within…preparing us to meet life with more strength, presence and acceptance.

This all of course does not happen overnight…but slowly slowly through breath and presence we carve away at the layers that no longer serve us, thereby liberating the vitality and beauty that lies beneath.

The light of awareness

Where attention flows energy goes…and as we draw the attention down into the body out of the fragmented reality of the outer realms, we call more vital life force back into ourselves, to live and manifest within the temple of the body.

This choice to truly melt with the daily practice brings us into a new dimension of knowing thy self, nourishing the precious connection to life and all that is. And the consistency of that choice ripples into every aspect of our life. Through our discipline, we learn to walk upon the earth with more stability. We learn to FEEL and honor the flow of our emotions meeting them and expressing them with consciousness. We develop a deeper sense of our power and our vulnerability, and the possibility to manifest the passion and creative energy that moves through us. Through our breath- we feed the body and center the awareness.

We learn to harness our intelligence, adaptability, acceptance and peace…and walk this life with the fearlessness of a warrior heart.


With love



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