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Sacred Activism

Sacred Rites- A Time of Initiation

Sacred Activism

  Leaving our baby girl with the grandparents for the first time…we travel towards the Blue mountains outside of Sydney for our SACRED RITES gathering…We are gathering in community to share, to pray, to meet the edges of ourselves and the teachings of the elements, anchoring our commitment into the earth. As we arrive, the land is cold and raw, the wind strong and I can sense that it is a time of initiation for us all. We slowly set…

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Sacred Activism

A New Dawn

Coming out of a silent retreat and a weekend of powerful community work, and there is a flame of hope and inspiration burning inside of me. The outside reflection of the planet…

Embodiment Sacred Activism

The Mirror of Life

As the new year approaches I find myself reflective, observing the shifts within and the shifts of the planet. A fresh energy is slowly and gently making itself known…still mysterious…like a kiss…

Sacred Activism

The Black Snake of Transformation

The fire of this time is blazing through the collective awareness, and in moments, scorching the seeds of hope.  As flames dance and surround us, the mind screams in confusion… layers of…

Earth Ways Sacred Activism

Walking in Trust

  Recently I have been blessed to support a Vision Quest journey, a four day prayer where friends and family go out into the forest and offer their hunger, their thirst and…

Earth Ways Sacred Activism

The Whisper of Hope

“What you seek is right in front of you… The illusion of the greener grass is but a fragment of the mind… postponing the acceptance of NOW. What if the growth you…