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Kuauhtli Interviewed – by Tristan Bray

Earth Ways

The Cockatoo Eagle Condor Reality   “Please enjoy this interview as Kuauhtli shares more of his in-depth experience on how working with Peyote helps people transcend spiritual and healing blockages in any aspect of their lives. He goes on to share what is unfolding in a new remarkable connection with native Aboriginal people of Australia through ceremony and prayer. Kuauhtli has been sharing the transmission of his people through decades of global travel. He artfully articulates the Nahuatl language of…

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Earth Ways

Moon Medicine

We are still integrating the Dual Dance, an incredible 4 day journey of prayer, celebration, elder wisdom and deep community togetherness. The moon dance circle that we have been a part of…

Earth Ways

Earth Based Spirituality

We are longing for connection and a reflection of the sacred. Through our human journey the path of spirit is a winding weaving road that guides us to countless doors. As we…

Earth Ways Sacred Activism

Walking in Trust

  Recently I have been blessed to support a Vision Quest journey, a four day prayer where friends and family go out into the forest and offer their hunger, their thirst and…

Earth Ways Sacred Activism

The Whisper of Hope

“What you seek is right in front of you… The illusion of the greener grass is but a fragment of the mind… postponing the acceptance of NOW. What if the growth you…

Beyond Yoga Earth Ways

Yoga and the Earth Path

Throughout the world, the resurgence and exposure of the wisdom of the indigenous traditions invite us to seek connection and reverence for the natural world, opening to the interconnectedness of all things.…