A Pilgrimage to the Sun – Re-Awakening the Memory

Earth Ways Sacred Activism


Returning from the land of Ecuador, I take the strength of the mountain people, the cycle of the sacred circle, the secrets hidden by our forefathers scattered within the land… there is a reordering of our perspective, life and direction as we learn to let go of our mental constructs… Open to obey the signs of life, to obey the signs that are presenting themselves within our sphere and listen carefully for Spirit’s instruction.


Offering a prayer of gratitude and protection for the elders of this time, carrying the old/new vision of the earth way of life…


Like the alchemy of base metal turning into gold, allowing the silent, the whispered and the spoken prayers to weave into the fabric of our daily life.


How can we obey the elements? How can we obey the messages scattered within the geometrical sphere of life? What are we being called of in these times? Can we be part of the solution? Can we make choices and decisions based on reawakening the deep connection to all? Not a far out spiritual idea of oneness but a grounded embodiment of our family connections, and to the animals, winged ones, the plants and earth nation.


How can I be a clean vessel and let go of “my”, “mine”, grabbing and holding onto a small perspective, desire or need?


Can we have the courage to constantly say thank you, in gratitude, rippling prayer like drops of water on a still lake…This vibrational cycle that keeps pulsing exponentially. As we lay the seeds of prayer and fertilize them with sincerity and love, the flowers blossom in abundance. As we patiently walk forward with our intension and vision spun within the webbing of our heart – the prayer has the possibility to reveal itself, scribed on the template of the Great Mystery.

The ancient symbols unraveling themselves in these times, helping to restore the memory of possibility, the memory of an old prayer, the memory of all that has been…NOW.


What karmic debt are we paying? What sacrifice are we willing to endure for the offering of service to our family, to the earth, to this life?


An underground movement of people dedicated to the earth is becoming more deeply rooted, spreading an old message that was hidden in the waters, the mountains, the breath of the elders whispering in the wind. It is a prophecy coming alive and growing vines across the 4 directions. Humbling ourselves to the call of service, the call of the plants, the ancient echo of our elders reverberating in our hearts.


There is a memory that is burning at this time. A weaving of the ancestral lines, between the layers of time and space spinning webs of old and new alliances, unifying cultures, colours, and borders.


Trust. Breath and faith are important in these times. May we continue to follow the signs, the guidance of the great mystery, the enchantment of life, the richness of experience.

Building from the family out, creating solid roots… So we may endure the storms and astrological weather systems of this time.

– Velan

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