A New Dawn

Sacred Activism

Coming out of a silent retreat and a weekend of powerful community work, and there is a flame of hope and inspiration burning inside of me. The outside reflection of the planet is more confronting every day, and yet maybe this old way of dominance, power and destruction is coming to a peak before it begins to collapse.  Those that are driven by fear and greed are in control and the only way that we can have a true and deep impact is to move even deeper underground and nourish the goodness and truth from the inside out.

At the moment what many of us are seeing and feeling is based on the reflection of the surface of reality, such as the news and social media. There is a deep dependence on these sources of information and yet much of what we see and hear in that realm is grounded in fear, control and lies. How can we really know what is true anymore? When we continually plug into that matrix of information (even though we want to stay informed) we are feeding those energies of fear within our own selves.

It seems that at the moment the only way to address the deep illness of humanity is to begin healing from the source, the root of that infection. To go UNDERNEATH the external reflection of that sickness and begin a deep and thorough process of healing.

How do we do this?

An underground movement IS happening. There is a shift growing, rising, building and spreading as so many of us are drawn to another way.  Maybe we can feel it if we tap in beyond the mind…a gentle ripple of hope that is stirring beneath the oppressive and extreme expressions of ugliness.

We are standing at the edge of a threshold, before the New Dawn. Maybe we’ll see the shift in our lifetimes, maybe not, but something is awakening at the deep root of the illness and slowly over time, with great care and trust maybe it will begin to heal the rotting flesh of greed and ignorance.

It is time to choose, what energy do we want to nourish in our life? Do we want to stay sleepy and numb and lost in that feeling of victimization and hopelessness?…OR nourish our own journey back into harmony, truth and integrity.
Sacred Activism

The way to make a deep and real impact is to become fully embodied within our own beings, our own bodies, our own hearts. From there we clear, heal and find peace within ourselves. It is a journey inward in which we weed out the roots of our own fear, judgement, comparison, pride and ignorance and find the courage to stare our own demons in the eyes. Through this healing we align with truth and nourish the flame of trust to walk the path that feels right and true for us.

Reality is a reflection of the collective consciousness, so as we each take the responsibility to shift our own inner landscape and our relationship with ourselves, others and the earth then we together begin to shift the external manifestation.  This commitment to our own healing and peacefulness is one way to practice Sacred Activism. When we commit to creating a healthy balanced expression of our own lives, we feed the energy of goodness, harmony, compassion, kindness, equality and the true brotherhood/sisterhood of humanity.

Native wisdom

The journey inward is one piece of our collective healing, and the next step is to re-awaken the memory of how to live in a more natural and balanced way.

There has been a powerful movement of people seeking out the wisdom of native ways to help remember what has been forgotten. I deeply honor and believe in the ancient ways of the earth based traditions that live in harmony with nature and the essence of life itself. I believe that these sacred ways of connecting to the simplicity of the elemental energies, the circle of community and cultivating gratitude is profound medicine for our lives and the greater whole of humanity.

The exposure of various native traditions and teachings is now spreading and widening across the planet. It seems to be one very potent door for those of us seeking a new way of connecting to spirit and life itself…helping us remember that we are the sons and daughters of this great mother earth.

So as the dark forces are growing in intensity, the underground movement of truth seekers and earth warriors are circling together around the planet. Together we can take footstep by footstep and with clarity and fearlessness contribute our goodness and love into whatever life we are living.

Sacred Seed Mentorship

Starting in July 2017, we are sharing the ‘Sacred Seed’ Mentorship program. This program is based upon Earth based spirituality. In this training we explore all aspects of being, the body the mind and the heart…our passions, fears and limitations, opening to healing, community and empowerment. The Earth ways are the foundation for this program.We explore powerful rituals, practices and ceremony spaces that nourish and inspire a personal and sustainable way of connecting to the sacred.

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With love



Art “New Pioneers” by Mark Henson

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