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Earth Ways

We are longing for connection and a reflection of the sacred. Through our human journey the path of spirit is a winding weaving road that guides us to countless doors.
As we walk our journey of life we may be looking for answers behind those doors. We may be looking for a way to understand or come to peace with this great mystery of existence. That spiritual search can often become a very complicated and “mindy” journey.
Earth based spirituality, grounded in the connection to and reverence for the natural world renews a sense of the simplicity and beauty of What is.
When I was little, I clearly recall a sense of SOMETHING with me always, a presence or force that was intangible and yet weaved within the fabric of the moment. Life continued to reveal this presence, and in my young years i was searching for some definition or understanding of the divine.
I became obsessed with Rumi, began to explore ancient philosophy and investigated Eastern religion and Astrology. I wrote poetry that expressed my woes of human-ness and somehow touched that longing to melt with the divine force.
When I was 18 years old I found myself lying upon the earth, witnessing the reflection of that “ONE” presence, revealed through the mirror of nature.

I had fallen from a high cliff and landed upon the beach

My friend had gone to get help, and I lay upon the sand, unable to move. I was totally alone on a deserted beach and yet somehow there was a deep knowing within that I was safe and held. I witnessed the space around me. A small stream of water trickled down from the cliff and the wind created a gentle mist, which turned into rainbows. There was a small nest perched in a crevice of the cliff and birds were coming and going, singing and enjoying the dance of the breeze. The sky was beginning to change as the sun dropped down toward the sea.
In that moment, there was a tremendous flow of emotion within me, but beneath that, there was peace. I lay there, immersed in that sacred container that the earth provided. Savoring the unspeakable perfection of what was happening and knowing that it would somehow take me to where I needed to go.

This moment was a profound rite of passage, an initiation that altered my path forward.


The earth and her many gifts

What was revealed that day, through the natural world was a deep and abiding love, a benevolent force, and a call to trust. Of course words cannot ever touch a meeting of the sacred, and yet this experience opened a door that began a path of deep connection and reverence for the earth and her many gifts.
There are endless ways to experience or connect to the “god” force. The path of earth based spirituality establishes a very real and personal connection to the elements and GROUNDS the divine in a tangible and deeply lived manner. It is no longer something out there that we are reaching towards, but our connection to spirit becomes a dynamic relationship with the beauty and power of WHAT IS.
Opening our senses to see, to feel, to listen and to receive, we may become aware of how the elements are constantly at play. As that awareness opens we may sense that connecting to the Earth is a simplifying force, that calls us to embody and rest at home within our own body temple.
From that powerful moment on the beach, something within me aligned with that language of the earth, and life brought teachers and native wisdom to help me embrace that path. I continue to receive the teachings and guidance of the elders and it helps me develop the sensitivity to feel the caress of the wind with my whole body. It shows me how the purity of the water cleanses and washes my heart. It teaches me how to offer my deepest gratitude to the light of the fire. And through this path, I allow myself to be held and nourished by the body of the earth.

As we open to this language and the connection to the elemental energies, Spirit is felt in this reality, spoken to as a dear friend or grandmother. We may recognize that the natural world and the source within it, showers us with abundant gifts and blessings. Grateful to the water that nourishes our body. Grateful to the earth that provides us with food and abundance. Grateful to the warmth of the fire and the possibility to cook our food. Grateful to the pure air we breathe.Sacred designs, rituals or ceremonies provide a container for this meeting with the elements, and yet once the door opens for an individual it is a deeply personal path that can be lived and explored endlessly.

One of my teachers said, “let the earth tell you how to connect with her.”

And if we listen, she will.


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Adya x

Photo and Earth Art by Devani Cadden

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